PSC/PSD Series: Tubular Anti-bending Type Inductive Proximity Sensor

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By: George Lai / Product Manager
With the trend of Industry 4.0, industrial automation has become an inevitable trend, and one of the important components in automation is the sensor. Among many types of sensors, proximity sensor is the most common one. Proximity sensor replaces the contact detection method such as limit switch. Any sensor that detects without contacting the detection target is commonly referred to as proximity sensors.
The Inductive Proximity Sensor usually used to detect conductors such as metals (iron, aluminum, copper, ... etc.). It can convert the movement information or presence information of the detected object into electrical signals.

Advantages of inductive proximity sensors:
1. Sensing in a non-contact manner, which will not wear out or damage the detection object.
2. Product life is longer.
3. It is suitable to use even there is oil, dirt or water on the detecting object.
4. Response speed is faster.
5. Not affected by the surface color of the detected object.