EU/US/CN MC13 Series: AC Power Cord

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Product Strategy Center/Jay Wang

To better meet customers' demand for high-quality and cost-effective AC power cords, PowerNex Precision has introduced three new AC power cords from the MEAN WELL brand: The European standard (EU1-MC13), the American standard (US1-MC13), and the Chinese standard (CN1-MC13). These new options are more competitively priced and are designed to fully replace the long-standing European standard (YP22+YC12) and American standard (YP12+YC12) power cords.

These three power cords have achieved international safety certifications: The European standard cords are certified by VDE, ENEC, and EAC; the American standard cords by UL and CSA; and the Chinese standard cords by CCC. They offer excellent safety, reliability, and durability. In addition to their compatibility with MEAN WELL adapters, chargers, inverters, and other power supplies, these cords are suitable for a wide range of equipment that requires AC power connections.

  • Safe and Durable: Made from high-strength, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant PVC material, suitable for various harsh environments, which extends the cable's lifespan and reduces the frequency of replacement.
  • Safety Certification: This power cable has passed rigorous international safety standards tests, ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of the cable.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for industrial automation equipment, medical devices, data centers, household appliances, and more.


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