DTP-2XX Series: DALI Touch Panel (Input Device)

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Product Strategy Center/Rex Lin

The lighting dimming methods traditionally employed in the past have typically relied on single lamp or single circuit for control, lacking systematic control or integration with intelligent platforms for monitoring. However, in response to the trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction, new construction projects are considering green building and smart building designs during the planning phase while the property owners can also receive incentives in terms of building area. On the other hand, actual reduction in various energy consumption of buildings, including air conditioning power and lighting power, can be achieved through smart control, thereby realizing the objectives of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Therefore, how can we enhance the user experience of intelligent lighting control? In fact, it can be achieved through MEAN WELL's digital lighting systems, such as the DALI DLC-02 lighting system or KNX building automation system. By centralizing indoor lighting control requirements through DALI Masters or KNX systems, grouping them or setting them based on scenarios, and integrating them with user lifestyle scenes, the convenience of intelligent control can be enhanced. MEAN WELL's newly launched DALI input device, the DTP-2XX touch panel complies with DALI-2 IEC 62386 Part 101/103/301 regulations, including two mechanisms and variety of keys design, provide users with DALI lighting system to control various scenes needs. With DALI Master configuration software, it can perform various operation modes, such as Short Click (ON/OFF), Double Click (scene), and Long Press (dimming/color adjustment). It can be used with different lighting fixtures and scenarios, enhancing users' experience with intelligent lighting control.

The DTP-2XX-U version provides two standard interfaces: 6 keys and 4 keys, while the DTP-2XX-E version offers two interfaces: 6 keys and 3 keys. Subsequently, we will continue to supplement other panel key configurations based on sales demands. If there is a need for identifying other functions on-site with different symbols, MEAN WELL can also provide customized symbols through laser engraving (LINK), allowing users to tailor symbols to match their environment, thereby enhancing the user experience of smart lighting control. For MEAN WELL's panel symbol customization service, please contact MEAN WELL's sales team.



  • DALI-2 certified touch panel
  • Compliant with IEC 62386-301 push button
  • Compatible for all DALI-2 devices and controllers
  • Powered by DALI Bus
  • Each button can trigger multiple modes:
    • Short Click / Double Click / Long Press
  • Backlight brightness adjustable
  • Touch panel volume adjustable
  • 2 years warranty  


DTP-2XX Series