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AC Fan/DC Fan

AC Fan/DC Fan
DC Fan

Selection Guide:
DC Fan Selection Guide 


Low noise

Excellent air volume

Low power consumption

Strong adaptability

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Din Rail Terminal Blocks

Din Rail Terminal Blocks
Single Layer DIN Rail terminal blocks DPT Selection Guide  
Double Layer DIN Rail terminal blocks DPTTB Selection Guide  
Mounting Accessories of DPT series Selection Guide  


Space-saving design / Front connection

Vibration-proof anti-loosening wire connection with pre-stressed spring clamp

Easy to operate, fast wiring installation with top wire entry

Corrosion-proof terminal points

Easy mounting and dismounting from the terminal rail

Low contact resistance

Easy for the extension of terminal connection

Easy handling and safe connection

Connecting without tools is easy and time-saving

Colored platens ensure safety connections and operations

Industrial Switch

Industrial Switch
Emergency Switch Selection Guide 
Push Switch Selection Guide 
Key Selector Switch Selection Guide 
Metal Switch Selection Guide 
Limit Switch Selection Guide
Buzzer Selection Guide 
Pilot Light Selection Guide
Inductive Proximity Sensor Metal Casing Rectangular Series Selection Guide
Inductive Proximity Sensor Tubular Anti-Bending Series Selection Guide  

Solid housing design for operator and contact block to reduce installation space

Complete type with 16mm & 22mm version

IP66 protection rating

With anti-rotation latch design on the operator

Tighten or disassemble the fixing nut by hand tools or finger freely

PUSH-IN quick wiring design

Double wiring holes design, capable of solid wire, strand wire and European terminal wiring

New partition and spring structure design, increase the wire holding force and stability

The contact blocks and lamp holders are distinguished by color which is clearly recognizable

Waterproof Silicon Sleeve: Provides IP66 protection for the contact under the mounting panel

Waterproof Connector

Waterproof Connector

Waterproof connector for LED drivers

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Distribution Box

Distribution Box
Distribution Box Selection Guide 

Continuously welded seams Foam-in-place seamless gasket 120-degree opening heavy-duty industrial hinges

IP66 protection rating against dust and water according to IEC 60529 & anti-collision according to IEC 62262 IK10

RAL 7035 outdoor powder coating

Gland plate on bottom

Right hand opening; door interchangeable

Custom cutouts available

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Power Schottky Rectififier

DC Changeable Plug

DC Changeable Plug
DC Changeable Plug P1J Selection Guide
DC Changeable Plug P1M Selection Guide
DC Changeable Plug R7BF Selection Guide

Flexible solution for small quantity

Easy modification for different size of DC plug

Off-the-shelf and no MOQ

Suitable for GST18~16, GSM06~60, GEM06~60, GE12~40, SGA12~60, GS06/15, OWA-60U/E, GST90~120, GSM90, GST120~220, GSM120~220, OWA-90U~200U